Capturing Head and Heart

When we are captivated by a piece of art, it speaks to both head and heart – appealing to our personal sense of style while touching an inner chord. Designing stunning original artworks that are visually striking yet also evoke a visceral response has become the hallmark of Mel V Inc.

Launched in 2001, Mel V Inc is the result of the creative passion and shared vision of the company’s two founding partners – designer Melissa Scott and craftsman Spencer Thackray. Since Mel V Inc’s inception, Melissa, Spencer and an extremely skilled team of artisans have produced more than 300 unique hand-cast plaster and canvas works that are sought across North America for both their beautiful aesthetic and inspirational character.

Melissa’s life as a designer seems pre-ordained. Her great grandfather was a renowned sculptor, her mother a painter, and her family owned a design studio. Innate artistic talent, however, is complemented by her introspective approach to design.

“I am compelled to create pieces that have personal meaning, so each design is an expression of something that has moved me or that I hold to be true. I believe that is why people are drawn to our work – it resonates with them on a deeper level, and represents much more than simple wall décor.”

Bringing each of Melissa’s designs to life in a manner that imbues them with sophisticated yet old-world style is Spencer’s domain. A master caster, the high-relief molds Spencer produces for the tiles accentuate the design detail. He has also developed a custom molding system that guarantees each tile is flawlessly produced before it is meticulously hand-finished.

“To us, every hand-cast tile, every printed canvas, is a reflection of our commitment to craftsmanship. We take the time to ensure each piece meets our exacting standards, so it is as enduring in quality as it is in design.”

Unrivalled care and attention is not only limited to the artworks, but also extends to the relationships Melissa, Spencer and their team develop with their customers. Excellent service and responsiveness sets Mel V Inc apart, whether the customer is a boutique shop, an exclusive chain, or an independent gallery.

While each is distinct, every one of the company’s seven product collections is a testament to Melissa and Spencer’s ability to envelop emotion in beautiful design. Whether inspired by the message of a Wisdom Stone, or transported to a cobblestone street in Europe by a Destiny Tile, each distinctive, original artwork has the power to captivate both visually and viscerally.

“A dancer dances to feel alive. A musician plays to free the spirit. An artist creates to feed the soul. Whatever the passion, it is only through its release that it is fulfilled.

Fortunately for me, my passion is fulfilled. I have been given the opportunity to create every day, to translate those images and moments that stir me into works of art. And with each release from Mel V Inc, my passion has found expression.

For each of our design lines – Destiny Tiles, Wisdom Stones, Gladstones, Words To Live By, Things We Believe In, Framed/Matted Art and Giclee Canvas – Melissa will spend up to a year collecting inspiring verse, striking images and elegant motifs and transforming them into stunning wall art.

While my motivation to design is personal, I hope you will enjoy the results of my passion, and perhaps find something that speaks to your own passions from the Mel V Inc Collections.”


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